August 26 through September 30, 2017

Noah McLaurine
A Gradual Loss
McLaurine uses intervention to explore the western landscape.


Venture Room is an 12x8 ft. project space that is part of, but curated separately from, the Central Features main exhibition gallery, and is dedicated to experimental art endeavors with a focus on visual art. 

The room is comprised of three conventional walls and one 4-panel window wall.
Unlike many other galleries that place their project rooms in the back of the main exhibition space, Venture Room is located near the gallery's front entrance for optimal visibility. It is also viewable from the main building lobby and staircase. See below for photos.

Exhibitions in Venture Room are determined by a submission process.
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis but are reviewed twice a year, June 15 and December 15. 

Venture Room images