"My work is concerned with the inadequacy and impermanence of memory. As I excavate the strata of the past, I build these layers into my paintings, recombining incomplete images and symbols in order to evoke the emotional experience of moments distant in time and space. Moving from polished surfaces to layered textures, combining issues of self and society, I seek to create arresting and ambiguous imagery that draws the viewer into an ongoing dialogue. In a world that is constantly in flux, my paintings record the process of piecing together ideas, impressions, and fragments of memory into a unified and resonant narrative."

Julia Lambright was born and raised in Russia. She received an MFA with Distinction in painting from the University of New Mexico. Working primarily in oil in the past, her focus over the last decade has been rooted in traditional egg-tempera painting, a knowledge which she acquired from masters in Russia and the US. Being influenced by the icon’s visual aesthetics and its technical construction, Julia integrates and transforms its principles into a contemporary form of art making. She lives and works in Albuquerque.


NMPBS ¡COLORES! After an extraordinary childhood in Russia, Albuquerque painter Julia Lambright finds connection with her past.

Traveler, a short film that examines Lambright's personal and spiritual journey from Russia to New Mexico.

UNM Proud, video biography highlighting Lambright's use of hybrid-iconography and egg tempera.