Nina Elder: New Works
to Nov 18

Nina Elder: New Works

Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 14, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Nina Elder: New Works, a solo exhibition of new large-scale drawings by featured gallery artist Nina Elder. For the past year, Elder has participated in and led various artist residencies, projects, and wilderness explorations of remote sites (including Alaska and the Western Arctic) that expose the impact humans have on the environment. Her work has been supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Rauschenberg Foundation, and the Pollock Krasner Foundation.

The exhibition comes on the heels of the artist's residency at Ucross and her exhibition 66 Mile Radius at Tamarind Institute where she created prints based on both historic photographs and organic materials from various mining sites, exploring the physical properties and impact of human productivity in the region. The artist’s exhibition at Central Features showcases her thoughtful consideration and representation of the role extractive industries play in contemporary life.

The following organizations have supported the creation and exhibition of this work: Island Institute, Klondike Institute for Arts and Culture, Polar Lab at the Anchorage Museum, Pollock Krasner Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, Tamarind Institute, Ucross Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, Willowtail Springs, Wrangell Mountain Center.

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Jessamyn Lovell: D.I.Y. P.I.
to Sep 30

Jessamyn Lovell: D.I.Y. P.I.

Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 26, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
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Artist Jessamyn Lovell is pursuing her private investigator’s license, using photography and performance to draw attention to social and cultural power dynamics. D.I.Y. P.I. (Do It Yourself Private Investigator) is the moniker for her most recent collaborative project through which she invites people to deeply consider their own experiences and embrace the power that comes with discovering and telling one’s own story.

Lovell’s story traces her examinations of privacy and narrative to question where truth meets fiction.

For D.I.Y. P.I., Lovell is holding clinics and interactive performances across the country. For her exhibition at Central Features, she will mount an unprecedented exhibition of the project, consisting of sousveillance materials (photography, video, handmade books) related to her commissions. The gallery installation of her temporary P.I. office will serve as an interactive opportunity for the audience to become participants and collaborators in the project.

Lovell’s working relationships are collaborative, performative, professional, and confidential, and each client receives an artwork-dossier upon completion of the case. What is included in the dossier is always a surprise, based on information Lovell uncovers about each client during their work together.

The inquisitive exhibition will be activated by contemporary art patrons and mystery fans alike who can directly interact with the project in any of the following ways:

  • Commission Lovell to create a custom case for them, so they may apply their own investigative skills to solve uncovering a maze of clues.
  • Hire Lovell to investigate a case. Her client work so far has ranged from searching for lost pets to serving court documents to locating missing or estranged individuals. She also works on aspects of home security, self-defense, and collaborations with other artists. 
  • Attend one of several exhibition-related events, including a whiskey tasting. Click here for tickets.

Jessamyn Lovell’s work has been recognized internationally, is found in a wide range of public and private art collections, and has received several awards, including the internationally known Aperture Portfolio Prize. Dear Erin Hart, was the subject of stories on, This American Life and The Today Show, and was named as one of the Best Photo Stories of 2015 by Wired Magazine. Her book Dear Erin Hart, released in May 2015 by San Francisco Camerawork, was a finalist for the 2015 GuatePhoto Book Award and nominated for the 2015 Paris Book Award.

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Corey Pickett: Blank Cartridge
to Aug 19

Corey Pickett: Blank Cartridge

Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Closing Reception: Saturday, August 19, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
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Blank Cartridge is an exhibition of provocative new sculptures by Clovis based-artist Corey Pickett. This series of artworks serves as an appeal for “common-sense” gun laws and the re-evaluation of current gun legislation.

Pickett is concerned with the enormous amount of gun violence that takes place on a daily basis and, as a black man, he has a level of fear that is predicated on the current socio-political climate of America and the nation's gun laws. The premise of his work is to initiate dialogue among the many perspectives related to gun rights with the hope that a reasonable mediation can be reached. His guns are surrogates for the real thing.

"Initially these objects were in response to gun violence towards African-Americans; however, my work has expanded to gun violence against all humans. My goal is for my practice to be a medium of activism through interdisciplinary methods and community collaborations," says Pickett. "My practice has extended to the community through neighborhood art camps and community art projects. This community participation along with my reimagined ready-mades is an attempt to bring about cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural awareness. I’m convinced that people are more receptive to new and alternative theories concerning social change when they are comfortable and less threatened."

In addition to being a working artist, Pickett is currently Director of The Jaye Rock Cultural Center in Clovis, NM, which he also founded. He received his Master of Education in 2008 and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000 from Eastern New Mexico University. He will receive his MFA in 2017 from the Vermont College of Fine Art, Vermont. He has exhibited his work in cities throughout the US and is a recipient of the International Sculpture Center's 2017 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.

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